What Is An Oral Irrigation?

  • Oral irrigation consists of using a dental water jet that pulsates a stream of water in order to remove food debris and plaque.Everyone and anyone can make use of this device, however it has been recommended for patients with periodontal disease, diabetes, orthodontic appliances, crowns and lately it is also highly recommended for patients dental implants.
  • This device has been the focus of many studies and it has shown a positive effect in keeping gingivitis at bay. Recent studies have shown that using an oral irrigator can be even more effective than flossing in terms of plaque reduction.
  • An oral irrigator can easily access into those nooks and crannies that you cannot have access when using a toothbrush or even dental floss. And since oral hygiene is one of the most determinant factors for the longevity of your implants, an oral irrigator could be a good option for you.
YASI  Oral Irrigator  FL-V8,  delivers the ultimate feeling of an ultra-clean, freshness and healthiest mouth. It is designed with  user-friendly features such as: An on/off control switch on the handle to eliminate mess, 3 operating modes setting for optimum control, with the new pulse-modulation technology for maximum plaque removal and enhanced gum stimulation, 360 degrees  rotation nozzle tips for easily access and an one-minute timer  pacer to ensure thorough water flossing of all areas inside the mouth.

With Yasi Oral Irrigator  FL-V8, the professional oral irrigator is the smartest choice for HOMECARE DEVICE, to improve on oral healthcare perfectly. 


  • Effective Plaque Removal:  Up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in 3 seconds
  • Healthier gums:  Up  to 50% more effective than traditional dental floss.

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Specially Thanks to : Dr. Lee Soon Boon

BDS(Mal), MSc Implant(UK) AM(Mal), FICD(USA), FADI(USA), FICCDE,
Fellowship of International Team of Implantology (Switzerland) ,
Member of College of Dental Specialists Academy of Medicine Malaysia


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